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Center of attraction for your customers

Being kidnapped from everyday life and being offered something special – that is what gastronomy mainly is about. In addition to the quality of food, drinks and service, a characteristic and pleasant ambience decides whether or not the customer feels comfortable. This applies to the individual and systematic gastronomy as well as to the hospitality and catering industry.

HINSCHE GastroDesign creates a high class over-all-concept for you which is geared towards your specific needs and the current demands of the market. The Basis builds an exact analysis of requirements, having both in mind: your competitive situation and your budget. Our architects and furnishing planner are creating your individual interior design according to your preferences. Our ideas should awake emotions while being highly efficient and functional in practice –seating and space capacity taken into consideration.



Take advantage of our long experience in planning and our extensive knowledge of newest techniques and technology – let guests become your habitués.

Our services:

  • Requirement and competition analysis
  • On-location concept meeting
  • Aesthetical and technical drawing including material mixing, color schemes and lightning concept
  • Fixed pricing offer
  • Implementation planning
  • Supervision of construction
  • 24-hour after-sales service for technical devices


current projects

We do everything we can, to develop precisely tailored concepts. Our references show the success of our daily work.


Hinsche_Inge Inge Hinsche DirectorT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Böker_Anna_Christin_255x255 Anna Christin Böker Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior DesignT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Röskamm_Thomas_GD_2817 Thomas Röskamm Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior DesignT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Dorok_Birgit_GD_2792 Birgit Dorok Technical draftswomanT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Konrad_Jennifer_GD_2634 Jennifer Konrad Technical draftswomanT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Schuster_Sandra_GD_3172 Sandra Schuster Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior DesignT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Alpers-Janke_Anne_GD_3256 Anne Alpers-Jahnke B. eng. Interior DesignT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Milz_Lena_GD_3289 Lena Milz M.A. Interior DesignT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Pulm_Charlotte_GD_3327 Charlotte Pulm M.A. Scenographic Design & CommunicationT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Henninger_Dirk_GW_3391 Dirk Henninger Sales manager HamburgT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Knipping_Kay_GW_3204 Kay Knipping Project consultantT: +49.40.85302-244F: +49.40.85302-111
Dreyer_Matthias_GW_2463 Matthias Dreyer Project consultantT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Michel_Lars_GW_2511 Lars Michel Project consultantT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Hoffbuhr_Doris_GW_2492 Doris Hoffbuhr Project consultantT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
mitarbeiter-joern-roeben Jörn Röben Project consultantT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111
Ekinci_Özcan_GW_3034 Özcan Ekinci Project consultantT: +49.441.9355-225F: +49.441.9355-111

HINSCHE GastroDesign GmbH

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