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The focus on profitability

Only if every step fits and provides the required result and every instrument is in the right place at the right time, workflows can be perfectly optimized. But technique, production form and energy consumption are of great importance for your kitchens efficiency, too.

HINSCHE Gastrowelt is specialized on the entire planning of large kitchens and catering industry in the hospitality, hospital and nursing homes, company and department canteens and event locations. Our intelligent, holistically concepts are designed to organize the process of food preparation and distribution in the most economic and easy way of working, keeping personnel expenses low, reducing cooking time and saving energy.

As soon as we revealed your requirements for warehousing and cooling storage, cooking system, washing technique and waste disposal we start planning. Only the extensive analysis of your necessities allows us to plan a kitchen in exactly the right size, perfectly integrated into the overall concept – taken your budget and your spatial conditions into consideration as well as obeying the legal requirements and hygienic guidelines.



We draw up sustainable concepts looking after your necessities and guarantee highest rationality and efficiency.

Our services:

  • Requirement analysis
  • On-site concept meeting
  • Technical draft planning of the large kitchen equipment
  • Fixed-price offer
  • Implementation planning
  • Supervision of construction
  • 24-hour after-sale-service for technical devices


current projects


Hoffmann_Rainer_GW_3000 Rainer Hoffmann Head of Object Department
Development Commercial Kitchens
T: +49.441.9355-199F: +49.441.9355-170
Smit_Rolf_GW_2540 Rolf Smit Project consultant commercial kitchensT: +49.441.9355-134M: +49.162.2526-018
Stührenberg_Oliver_GW_5964 Oliver Stührenberg Project consultant commercial kitchensT: +49.441.9355-135M: +49.162.2526-006
Leven-Pieper_Kirstin_GW_3435 Kirstin Leven Project consultant commercial kitchensT: +49.40.85302-123M: +49.162.2526-036
Glaß_Dieter_GW_3346 Dieter Glaß Consultant for Commercial KitchensT: +49.40.85302-145M: +49.162.2526-040

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