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Planning, Producing, Furnishing

Overall concepts for gastronomy and industral / commercial kitchen

As a full provider with over 80 years of experience and more than 15.000 satisfied customers nationwide we know exactly what is important in the gastronomical sector. We develop pioneering over-all-concepts and also, if requested, we take control over the entire execution – from planning through construction. You can buy every gastronomical commodity product and on top take advantage of our widespread rental service. We guarantee you an excellent 24-7 service and maintenance carried out by our experienced technicians.

Come and visit our stores in Oldenburg and Hamburg or take a look at our online-shops – we are looking forward to your visit.

Bramlage_Karin_GW_2754 Karin Bramlage new facilities / concept planning for gastronomy and catering industryT: +49.441.9355-225
Janssen_Monika_GW_2931 Monika Janssen sales tabletop / adviceT: +49.441.9355-114F: +49.441.9355-111
Bohlens_Alf_GW_3093 Alf Bohlens sales small-item inventory and devices / adviceT: +49.40.85302-163
Bei-der-kuhle_Ralf Ralf Bey der Kuhle refrigeration and air-conditioning technology / stainless steelT: +49.441.93573-51F: +49.441.9355-50
Szczyrba_Sven_GT_2302 Sven Szczyrba technical service / repairT: +49.441.93573-61F: +49.441.9355-50
Schwarzwälder_Stefan_GR_2660 Stefan Schwarzwälder GastroRentT: +49.441.9355-251F: +49.441.9355-250



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Gastroaktion Winter 2017
Gastroaktion Winter 2017

Let it shine – Silber, Bronze, Kupfer & Gold! Servieren Sie Ihre Gerichte und Getränke im “Shining Look” – passend…

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