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Planning, Producing, Furnishing

Overall concepts for gastronomy and industral / commercial kitchen

As a full provider with over 80 years of experience and more than 15.000 satisfied customers nationwide we know exactly what is important in the gastronomical sector. We develop pioneering over-all-concepts and also, if requested, we take control over the entire execution – from planning through construction. You can buy every gastronomical commodity product and on top take advantage of our widespread rental service. We guarantee you an excellent 24-7 service and maintenance carried out by our experienced technicians.

Come and visit our stores in Oldenburg and Hamburg or take a look at our online-shops – we are looking forward to your visit.

Bramlage_Karin_GW_2754 Karin Bramlage new facilities / concept planning for gastronomy and catering industryT: +49.441.9355-225
Janssen_Monika_GW_2931 Monika Janssen sales tabletop / adviceT: +49.441.9355-114F: +49.441.9355-111
Bohlens_Alf_GW_3093 Alf Bohlens sales small-item inventory and devices / adviceT: +49.40.85302-163
Bei-der-kuhle_Ralf Ralf Bey der Kuhle refrigeration and air-conditioning technology / stainless steelT: +49.441.93573-51F: +49.441.9355-50
Szczyrba_Sven_GT_2302 Sven Szczyrba technical service / repairT: +49.441.93573-61F: +49.441.9355-50
Schwarzwälder_Stefan_GR_2660 Stefan Schwarzwälder GastroRentT: +49.441.9355-251F: +49.441.9355-250



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Unsere neuen GastroNews für den Monat April!
Unsere neuen GastroNews für den Monat April!

Hier finden Sie die neue GastroNews für den Monat April, wie immer mit den aktuellen Angeboten und Aktionen!

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