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Hinsche Gastrowelt

Competency for the hospitality and catering industry.

The HINSCHE Company group with its subsidiaries HINSCHE GastroDesign, HINSCHE GastroTechnik, HINSCHE GastroBau and HINSCHE GastroRent is your efficient and service-oriented all-round expert for a successful business in the gastronomical, hospitality or catering industry.


Lutz Hinsche Lutz Hinsche Director
Sarah Hinsche Sarah Hinsche Director


Oldenburg, Hamburg

Subsidiaries (100%)

  • HINSCHE GastroDesign
  • HINSCHE GastroTechnik
  • HINSCHE GastroBau
  • HINSCHE GastroRent

Company facts

Year of foundation Year of foundation
Number of employees Number of employees
Number of customers Number of customers
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries

Everything a gastronomy needs

Hinsche Gastrowelt

As a full provider with over 80 years of experience and more than 15.000 satisfied customers nationwide we know exactly what is important in the gastronomical sector. We develop pioneering over-all-concepts and also, if requested, we take control over the entire execution – from planning through to construction. You can buy every gastronomical commodity and on top take advantage of our widespread rental service. We guarantee you an excellent 24-7 service and maintenance carried out by our experienced technicians.

Come and visit our stores in Oldenburg and Hamburg or take a look at our online-shops – we are looking forward to your visit.

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